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Hi, I’m IBB and this is Authentic Employers, where we help tech-first teams, companies and professionals just like you create authentic employer branding content while mastering the essential leadership of the future: Employer branding.

The World Has Changed…and You Need Authentic Employer Branding!

Employer branding has usually been based on events; conferences, job fairs, etc.

Well, it’s 2020 and due to a global pandemic – we’re not going to see those events coming back that soon. Believe me, as an organiser of such events – I know.

Even when they do, we’re not going to be be able to rely just on them for employer branding to attract and hire the best talent. Even more developers and digital professionals are going to work remotely and our organizations need to keep up!

It’s time to invest in great digital content.

Great employer branding content to be exact: Blogs, podcasts, social networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram, videos on YouTube and so much more…

So… how will we create this content?

Will it be HR, marketing, maybe our developers…?

Ahead of its release of [our employer branding ebook], we reached out to a number of the industry’s leading employer branding experts. One individual who immediately came to mind for me was Ivan Brezak Brkan (IBB)… We’ve followed Ivan’s work for some time now, notably his writing on the topic of Employer Branding!

Lewis Gray, DSMN8 – The Future of Employer Branding with Industry Expert IBB

From Strategy to Content… and Hiring!

Unfortunately, employer branding content seems to get lost in something I call the Bermuda Triangle of Employer Branding. Instead of ships, it’s great content that gets lost while:

  • HR and Marketing don’t have experience with authentic content for developers and digital professionals and how to get it from their tech teams without really getting no their nerves;
  • Teams in tech-first companies don’t have the support to create the content, between projects and products. And they’re the only ones that can create truly authentic, insightful content!
  • C-level leaders and founders don’t have a trusted partner to help their HR, marketing and tech teams develop a proven process for employer branding content.

What happens then?

You get generic LinkedIn posts that get a lot of likes (from your own employees and partners), but don’t really convince anybody to join your team!

This is why I created Authentic Employers, a resource to both help you kick start employer branding content creation through our proven Writing for Geeks Masterclass that produces outstanding employer branding content, while upgrading your employer branding skills with our Micro-insights delivered each and every week!

What do You Need Help With?

No matter whether you’re an HR or marketing professional, CHRO, CMO or founder of a startup – the essential skill you’ll need in the next 10 years of your career is how to attract the very best talent with great content. It’s employer branding:

  • Creating an employer branding content strategy
  • Getting your team (including developers) to create content
  • Getting ideas for your employer branding content that work
  • Creating social media content not just for LinkedIn
  • Creating blog posts, including interviews and columns
  • Developing a media strategy that will work with expert media such as Netokracija, the leading technology business magazine in Southeastern Europe I founded at age 22.
  • Recording a podcast that leaders in your industry will listen to
  • Starting an employer branding YouTube channel like Netflix

That’s what Authentic Employers if here to help you with so be sure to subscribe today, as well as follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Writing for geeks Masterclass (Online or Onsite) is a content sprint to help your tech team get started create outstanding content: Articles, blog posts, case studies… It has been tested and proven at both fastgrowing agencies as well as leading European tech-first organizations such as A1 Telecom and Raiffeisen Bank. Find out more
  • Micro-Insights will get you started mastering advanced employer branding and how to create authentic content that will attract the best talent! Get actionable insights each and every week!

Ivan Brezak Brkan
Founder of Authentic Employers and Netokracija

P.S. If you need additional consulting or great native employer branding content, that’s where my team at Netokracija comes in so let’s see how we can help. Learn more about our experience and contact us today!

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