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You’ve come to the right place. Authentic Employers helps tech-first organizations create authentic employer branding content.

Founder Ivan Brezak Brkan (IBB) is a Forbes-featured author, podcaster, and analyst who founded the largest tech business media platform in Southeastern Europe – Netokracija.

Authentic Employers is the resource that will help you become a more successful leader in your industry by acquiring a new expert skill: Employer branding. It was founded by longtime digital author, writer, podcaster and employer branding consultant Ivan Brezak Brkan (IBB) who Forbes dubbed “The aristocrat of the Internet” (weird title, guess it’s because Netokracija translates to netocracy…) for his work on the leading digital business media company in Southeastern Europe – Netokracija – that’s me!

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

Back when I founded Netokracija in 2009., the European tech scene was in its early days and in order to grow, they needed to hire the best talent. The same methods we developed in Netokracija to help fast-growing startups hire seniors we later used with telecoms and banks that – in the midst of their digital transformation – needed to become authentic tech employers.

During this time our team:

  • Created the best native advertising model in Europe for employer branding that you can still advertise with on Netokracija;
  • Launched not one, but two employer branding conference brands – some of the first in Europe!
  • Helped hundreds of European tech-first companies, from telecoms like T-Mobile and A1, to banks like Bank Intesa Saopolo and Raiffeisen banks, as well as fast-growing tech companies like FinovateSpring award winner Microblink, position themselves as tech employers;
  • Trained brands like HBO in digital content creation and helped companies like Microsoft and Mastercard create outstanding native content.

I’ve also worked closely with some of these companies as an employer branding consultant, helping them create and execute their strategy.

The one thing I’ve learnt. The one thing that has always been, and has stayed a challenge even to the most innovative companies:

“How to Create Authentic Employer Branding Content That The Their Peers Will Respect”

It’s not easy.

Every time I helped a company discover, define and implement its employer branding content strategy – only then we actually came to the hard part: Creating truly authentic, respectable content.

Posting typical posts on LinkedIn, like “Employee of the day” posts, was easy enough.

But creating content for blogs, podcasts or videos that the industry and potential hires would respect – quite hard!

Featured in leading media

Thankfully, thanks to covering some of the most innovative companies in the world at Netokracija for more than 10 years and consulting companies such as banks, telecoms and tech scaleups, I’ve discovered a framework for creating great employer branding content for tech-first organizations.

If you care about hiring the best talent and presenting your team in an authentic way, this is a proven method used HR, marketing and technology leaders just like you!

While you might have plenty of options on how to define your employer branding strategy and benefits, few will help you create content to follow that strategy.

I hope that Authentic Employers offers a unique, useful framework that will serve both you and your team for years to come:

Need help with Employer Branding?

  • Writing for geeks Masterclass (Online or Onsite) is a content sprint to help your tech team get started create outstanding content: Articles, blog posts, case studies… It has been tested and proven at both fastgrowing agencies as well as leading European tech-first organizations such as A1 Telecom and Raiffeisen Bank. Find out more
  • Micro-Insights will get you started mastering advanced employer branding and how to create authentic content that will attract the best talent! Get actionable insights each and every week!

About Ivan Brezak Brkan (IBB)

In addition to Authentic Employers, I’m the founding editor and CEO of Netokracija which is one of the leading technology media platforms in Europe with offices in Zagreb and Osijek (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia) where we’ve been helping companies do employer branding for more than 10 years.

As an editor and journalist, I’ve broken stories about some of the largest investments in tech companies in the Balkans.

At Netokracija I co-founded some of the leading employer branding conferences in Europe, including Employer Branding Zagreb and Employer Branding Belgrade where we’ve hosted world-renowned experts like David Bizer.

Speaking & Events

I’m an experienced speaker and love doing talks on topics like employer branding, digital content, and startup growth both for public and private events. I’ve had the pleasure to speak at conferences like How to Web and Weekend Media Festival, internal events for companies like Raiffeisen Bank and T-Mobile, as well as universities on the topic of career growth in the digital industry. Ideal topics are in-line with topics covered at Authentic Employer as well as Netokracija, although I can tailor topics to your event as well. Please contact me to learn more…

Speaking at the yearly DUMP tech conference on the topic od digital talent


I’m making Authentic Employers for you so please send feedback and questions. Whether you have a question about the Writing for Geeks employer branding masterclass, the Authentic Employers premium newsletter or you need consulting support for your company from Netokracija, feel free to contact me. Also, feel free to send good memes.