About IBB

Ivan Brezak Brkan (IBB) is an employer branding consultant, writer, and speaker. He's also the founder of the largest technology-business media brand in Southeastern Europe who has consulted and trained brands like T-Mobile, A1 , Raiffeisen bank, Sberbank and HBO on how to communicate with digital natives. Forbes has called him "The aristocrat of the Internet"

With no events in sight due to COVID-19, we need our fellow techies to start creating digital content – blog posts in particular – for employer branding or thought leadership. Time for your developers to start blogging. You’ve talked about it many times. It might have started out as one of the ideas of how […]

Telecoms have always been some of the technological most forward thinking companies in the consumer market, but when it comes to their perception as authentic employers – the perception of them as interesting tech employers lags behind the truth. And the essential truth is that the data scientists and developers of A1 telecom wanted to […]

You gave them bonuses. You would give them a day off if you already didn’t have an unlimited vacation policy. But nothing works – most of your developers still don’t want to write a single blog post. 1. Not All Developers Are Great Writers, Choose The Ones That Have Potential For most of my clients […]

Employer branding might not be among the top 10 digital skills tech companies are looking for today officially, but I’m pretty sure it will be in the next few years. Like Social Media, Employer Branding Isn’t a Single Position There’s a trend in the industry to hire employer branding specialists and why you definitely need […]

Dark employer branding sounds sinister, doesn’t it? If you’re an SF fan, you might think of the dark side; Darth Vader and the ‘evil’ side of the Force. It’s not that sinister, actually. If you’ve been in digital marketing, you might think of blackhat SEO and the often unethical ways of gaming search engines in […]

Does your employer branding have to be globally acceptable? You might say it does in order to account for diversity, variety in culture, etc. Unfortunately, while there might be a layer of global culture that transcends nataional borders and exists in many different places around the world – it actually exists on a very superficial […]

But IBB, you might say after reading the title: LinkedIn Carousel posts have been available since 2018, but only as a LinkedIn Ad format. ‘You can’t create LinkedIn carousels and even if you could – how to make them work for employer branding?’ While that’s true, there’s a hack surprisingly few people use in order […]