Employer Branding Masterclass for Future Leaders

The Masterclass is designed to help you leverage the key leadership skill of the digital workplace: Employer branding – and support you along the way.

  • TICK Learn from people with real-world experience in creating employer branding content
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  • TICK Exclusive videos featuring IBB, the creator of Employer Branding Espresso
  • TICK Finally, an employer branding course that shows you exactly how to create employer branding content for the best digital channels, step-by-step

Industry leading companies trust IBB as an employer brandin expert:

Meet Your Instructor: IBB

Hi, I’m Ivan

After working with dozens of industry leading companies in Europe as well as fastgrowing startups, I’ve developed a system to create employer branding content that works!

Most Employer Branding Content Can’t Be Trusted

Unfortunately, most employer branding content we see coming from even the most innovative companies in the world isn’t authentic or effective.

The Bermuda Triangle of Employer Branding

Then I Asked Myself: Could This System Work for Others Too?

  • We don’t stop with a plan – we make it work
  • Works in any industry
  • Always up-to-date
  • Lifetime Updates
  • At Your own pace

Inside the Masterclass

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Frequently Asked Questions

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