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The Premium Newsletter at Employer Branding Espresso is published weekly.

Important: Employer Branding Espresso is a small operation and I plan on doing this for a long time. To keep things sustainable, in addition to most Croatian and US holidays, I plan to take up to four weeks of vacation per year and up to two weeks for professional development. I may also need to take personal or sick days from time to time.


Can I read the Employer Branding Espresso via RSS?

Indeed you can! Simply use the exclusive member RSS feed for all Employer Branding Espresso content in your RSS reader to receive full, formated text.

Can I share X with a friend?

Well, the exclusive Employer Branding Espresso content and newsletter are intended for one member only. While occasionally forwarding a newsletter to an interested friend or colleague is totally fine, in order to continue creating great content for you it would be great if they become members. Consider giving Employer Branding Espresso as a gift – XY.

Is there a discount available?

Employer Branding Espresso is priced to be accessible to everyone. The lower price is less than most mainstream and industry magazines, newsletters or workshops and I promise you’ll get great value!

Can you create a custom invoice that meets my company/government requirements?

Not a proble, glad to create an invoice to your specification for annual subscribers; however it is simply not viable for me to offer the service to monthly subscribers. If you need a custom invoice, please contact me at Y.