How To Get Your Developers to Write Blog Posts

You gave them bonuses.

You would give them a day off if you already didn’t have an unlimited vacation policy.

But nothing works – most of your developers still don’t want to write a single blog post.

1. Not All Developers Are Great Writers, Choose The Ones That Have Potential

For most of my clients that have been successful in creating great employer branding content, the secret was being selective with who writes their content.

It’s a discovery process.

While we might think as most developers as well versed in writing code, that doesn’t mean they will make great writers.

Not everyone has employer branding content in them.

2. Make It Part of Your Company Culture

3. Develop Their Writing Skills

Improving writing skills

4. Make it a Team Effort, a Writing Hackathon

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About IBB

Ivan Brezak Brkan (IBB) is an employer branding consultant, writer, and speaker. He's also the founder of the largest technology-business media brand in Southeastern Europe who has consulted and trained brands like T-Mobile, A1 , Raiffeisen bank, Sberbank and HBO on how to communicate with digital natives. Forbes has called him "The aristocrat of the Internet"