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Authentic Employers is your partner in getting your leadership and tech teams ready to create thought leadership content – for sales, employer branding and more!

Employer Branding or Sales? You Need Digital Content in 2020!

As the leader of your organization, you’re probably used to being the thought leader through blog posts, public speaking or interviews.

Due to the pandemic, most events we’ve used for B2B, B2C sales or employer branding are cancelled.

We need content!

Because of your C-level duties – you can’t be the one creating it, even if you want to. It’s not scalable.

You need to focus on strategy, key clients, product, and people!

You also can’t expect your marketing team to create the content by themselves. It’s your leadership team as well as your developers, product managers and others that have outstanding content stuck in their heads!

Build Your Thought Leadership Content Machine

Thanks to years of experience in creating employer branding and inbound content, we can help you create content through our unique framework:

How it works

  • Content strategy (one time): Through a design sprint workshop, we facilitate a content strategy that has actionable next steps – and is based on your team’s insights and your customers and future hire’s needs!
  • Content production (every 2-3 months): On a regular basis, we facilitate regular content sprints through our Writing for Geeks workshops where your team improves their content creation skills while writing long-form content that can be used right away!
  • Micro-learning content (monthly): Between the workshops, you team improves their content creation skills through our micro-learning insights delivered each week by email – aided by regular video Q&As.