LinkedIn Carousel Posts: How To Use Them To Boost Employer Branding Engagement

But IBB, you might say after reading the title: LinkedIn Carousel posts have been available since 2018, but only as a LinkedIn Ad format. ‘You can’t create LinkedIn carousels and even if you could – how to make them work for employer branding?’

While that’s true, there’s a hack surprisingly few people use in order to create the closest thing to LinkedIn Carousel posts can be using the document sharing feature available to each and every user.

But before we dive into the technicalities, let’s ask ourselves why LinkedIn Carousel posts make sense for employer branding:

Improve Engagement on LinkedIn

Carousel posts are a great way to improve engagement because users love to use them, which is why we publish each post on Netokracija’s Instagram profile as a carousel posts. In fact: the Canva templates our authors use to create Instagram posts are only available as carousels.

Research has shown… @Nika ubaci neke podatke koji to potvrđuju

You Already Have Carousel Material Ready (Presentations!)

Presentations are natural material for LinkedIn carousels that you already have saved on your Google Drive or Microsoft Office365 folders thanks to some of your team members presenting at meetups, conferences or even internal meetings.

Unlike Instagram carousels that would require you to transform the PDF to images in order to publish them, LinkedIn’s document sharing feature you’re using needs – PDFs.

No transformation required! (Ok, maybe you’ll need to export your Powerpoint or Keynote file to PDF, but that’s fine)

Perfect Post-Presentation Followup

While it’s great that you published a couple of photos from your team members talk on your LinkedIn page and described what he/she was talking about… I’d like to know more.

LinkedIn Carousel Posts are a perfect way to follow up a successful event talk with actual content. In that way, you’re not only telling me “Look how well it went or at least that’s how it looks like”, but also “Here’s the awesome content that might motivate you to join our team”.

Show, don’t tell.

Note: Presentations Need to Be Minimalistic and Visually Attractive

While this should go without saying, if you are planning to use your presentations as LinkedIn Carousel Posts they should be visually attractive and have a minimalist aestetic.

Less is more!

How to Create Your First LinkedIn Carousel Post



3 types of content to turn into carousels: Posts, Presentations…

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