Success Stories That Customers Love for Tech-First Companies

A unique workshop-based process to turn your successful finished projects and references into client magnets: Success stories that will turn your leads into customers!

Your business is growing steadily even in pandemic uncertain times, but you want to scale faster

You spend your time selling and marketing your product or services but want future customer to understand the benefits faster!

The answer? Promoting your business with unique, enjoyable success stories that will:

Who Is This For?

Whether you’re a founder, CEO, CSO or marketing leader, our workshop and process will help you!

  • Answer your customers pre-sales questions;
  • Provide real insight and reasons for customers to choose your company;
  • Make you stand out from the competition;
  • Upgrade your current case studies into sales weapons;
  • Strengthen your relationships with current customers!

Great Success Stories Provide Credibility & Show Value

Every company out there, including you and your competition, has benefits and maybe even a unique sales proposition.

But where’s the proof?

In uncertain times, such as these, customers won’t take your word for it!

Peer-to-peer influence, such as success stories of other companies, is far more powerful than top-down authority. In fact; 75% of purchase decisions are influenced by peer proof such as case studies!

75% of purchase decisions are influenced by peer proof such as case studies!

Source: Edelman Trust Barometer

Who would you trust?

Success stories satisfy customer’s desire for social proof by highlighting experiences of their peers and showing the real life results of using your product or service…

Success Stories Answer Your Customer’s Pre-Sales Questions

Your customers have a looooot of questions at various stages of their buying journey.

94% of B2B decision makers share content such as success stories around their companies to answer questions before making a purchase.

94% of B2B decision makers share content such as success stories around their companies to answer questions before making a purchase.

CMO Council Survey!

Success stories answer your customer’s questions with real-life examples that they can relate to, as well as:

  • Uncover insights from past projects you didn’t even know about;
  • Strengthen relationships with current customers and have them stay while feeling that you value their business;
  • Build your reputation as an industry expert by showing proof of your expertise!

Most Case Studies S*ck!

Your Don’t Have The Time 

Somebody actually has to finish all those projects before they can become success stories. Code, design, manage, write, promote…

Since you want your businesses to grow and prosper you take time to do our core activies and create new value for our customers. Which brings us to….

You Focus On What You Actually Know
(And That’s Not Writing Success Stories)

You wouldn’t fly a plane if you weren’t a pilot and you inherently end up not creating success stories just because your core competencies don’t lie there. Even for seasoned marketeers or bloggers, writing success stories doesn’t have come naturally

You Don’t Want a Generic Case Study

We ALL know what the typical B2B enterprise ‘case study’ looks like. And we don’t read them. We don’t trust them. We don’t buy because of them.

From Meh Case Study to Persuasive Success Story

Let’s be honest – Most case studies s*ck:

Typical Case studyOur Success Story
Generic format (Process, challenges,… Yes, your customers will skip it)Unique format that makes your reference not only stand out, but is interesting to read!
Generic benefits that aren’t convicing and don’t make you stand out from the competitionCompelling benefits that really persuade a customer to choose you
No in-depth context for the customer’s challenges and industry perspectiveDeep understanding of the customer’s context and the industry they are in
Written as an afterthought – a painful processCreated through a proven process, facilitated by Authentic Employers’IBB

Believe Us: We’ve Used Success Stories To Land Huge Customers

Leading Netokracija’s sales efforts, your success story facilitator IBB has used success stories to land global clients from all types of industries such as Mastercard, Paypal, Microsoft, A1 Telekom Group, Raiffeisen Bank International and others:

Customer’s We’ve Landed With Success Stories

Get Your Great Success Story

Due to popular demand, Case Studies for Tech-First Companies is our workshop-based product to help you turn your successful reference into a lead-magnet for new customers and get 10x the benefit!

How it works:

  • Workshop: We help your team discover the unique success story behind your reference through our unique onsite or online workshop, lead by IBB, your success story editor;
  • Interview process: We facilitate your team and your customer through short interviews that will generate unique content and be interesting to future customers;
  • Deliverable: We edit the insights into a deliverablea detailed, yet interesting and persuasive success story, not just another generic case study!
  • You can get a finished case study in English or/and Croatian (other languages by demand) in 14 working days!

About Your Success Story Editor

In addition to Authentic Employers, your facilitator Ivan Brezak Brkan (IBB) is the founding editor and CEO of Netokracija – the leading technology media platforms in Europe with offices in Zagreb and Osijek (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia).

IBB has been helping tech companies tell their stories for more than 10 years and has the experience and insight to tell your project’s case study.