Writing Masterclass for Geek Teams

The only workshop that will help you and your team of developers and other geeks create authentic content to attract the best talent – or customers!

Happy data scientists and developers – future content creators! (Photo by Filipa Beroš)

Available Both Online and Onsite

Writing and content creation is an essential skill that too few of us have left to chance and have not improved since writing essays in high school or in college.

In a new age where most of us will be working outside the office for our hybrid or remote company, effective writing helps developers and others geeks:

  • Write down what they always wanted to express about their work, but never really had time to;
  • Systematize their thoughts on how they work in a practical way that will also benefit your organization;
  • Write more persuasive emails for clients, users or even – colleagues;
  • Communicate more effectively through Slack or Microsoft Teams (which is especially important in a new remote work age!);
  • Create better project documentation and case studies and most importantly;
  • Write better content that other developers and digital professionals will respect – and which will attract them to join your team!

The Best, Most Authentic Content Comes from Within Your Team

After writing about tech and business for more than 15 years as founder of the leading digital business magazine in Southeastern Europe – Netokracija, I can tell you a simple truth.

When companies wanted to publish a truly authentic piece of content – it always started from their team, the people really doing the work – facilitated by a good editor!

Not their agency, not their marketing or PR department.

While me and my team, as well as their PR and HR departments helped facilitate the content – it was the content that a developer working on a project, or a data scientist doing the analysis that always rang true.

And made the most impact for employer branding or attracting clients!

Went in with expectations to get better at writing emails, proposals, blog posts or any other business communication and was not disappointed. Although all of your writing skills could be summarized into “writing is simply – work” it helped to get few tips & tricks to get ahead, either with practical tips around writing (structure etc.) or motivational (why write, how often etc.). Ivan did a great job at reviewing our on-the-spot written articles

Sven Kapuđija, developer and founder

I’ll be Your Editor – And Facilitate & Train Your Team

I love to get a really rough, really “bad” outline from an expert in their field that most people wouldn’t think can become a really good article.

It’s not well written.

It’s not really clear. It might not even have proper grammar.

But it doesn’t matter. It’s a great start for authentic content!

From banks to telecoms to tech startups, I’ve used the Authentic Employers’ Writing for Geeks workshops to help hard working geeks express themselves while creating outstanding content for employer branding or content marketing for their companies.

Writing for geeks onsite workshop for A1 telecom (Photo by Filipa Beroš)

Who is Writing for Geeks For?

This unique workshop is intended for any subject matter expert that you want to create better content for your owned, shared or paid media channels, for example:

  • C-level executives who you want to write better answers to interviews in the media;
  • Team leaders and directors who need to facilitate the creation of content for their team in order to promote their departments to new talent pools or client groups;
  • Developers, data analysts, designers and other subject-matter professionals who need to create blog posts about project to attract potential clients or write about the technologies you are using to impress other senior developers.

Why Your Geeks Will Love The Workshop

  • At the end of the workshop, they’ll have at least 1x long-form piece of content that they themselves planned, outlined, drafted, and written. HR or marketing might have been asking for it for months – but here it is;
  • The examples in the workshop are practical examples from the technology industry and the digital community, featuring real-life examples of how to write effectively and including other author-engineers;
  • As the founder of Netokracija, I’ve invested over 15 years into facilitating and editing content from geeks – they trust me and I trust them.

95% of surveyed Writing for Geeks workshop attendees rated it an A of being interesting to attend and learn at!

Ivan asked each one of our goals and struggles in writing, which helped to formulate his workshop a bit. We were asked to write an article without any prior prep because it’s the real scenario for journalists… I really liked how he gave us feedback on the spot and highlighted things we did well and didn’t do well in our writing. The feedback was very useful. The Q&A session was great too – he provided lots of knowledge as an insider in the publishing industry. The 4 hours flew by and I would recommend it to anyone in the tech industry that wants to get better at or start writing!

Jenny Shen, UX consultant

Why You, HR and Marketing Will Love This Workshop

Simple: Remember the last time you tried to get your geeks to create a piece of content.

You’ve tried putting it into their KPIs as well as stimulating with bonuses.

Nothing seems to work.

It’s not that they don’t want to (to be fair, sometimes they don’t) – writing is a different kind of work that they need someone to show them the right approach and guide them along the way.

It’s hard work that they aren’t used to and left to their own devices – they’ll rather opt-out.

Instead of HR, PR and marketing professionals wasting time (and honestly – sanity) reminding and convincing members of your team to create content, let me be their editor and guide them through the process.

On a practical level, HR and/or marketing is involved in the workshop to help steer the goal of the workshop toward creating content that will help the company’s employer branding or content marketing goals.

83% of surveyed Writing for Geeks workshop attendees would recommend it to a colleague!

The Schedule: Onsite or Online

The Writing for Geeks workshop is available in two formats. The first is a one-day onsite workshop for your team and the other one is a three-day remote workshop for remote and hybrid companies.

We support most modern video conferencing platforms for the Online workshop:

Both formats have been tested and work perfectly!

What You’ll Get

  • One-day onsite or multiple-day remote training for up to 10 geeks;
  • 10 ready-to-publish pieces of content at the end of the workshop, facilitated and edited by Authentic Employers’ IBB and written by each one of your geeks. Even if you have been postponing writing an article for months, the workshop will help you finish it;
  • Analysis and feedback on the team’s performance with recommendations on improvements and the thought leadership potential of each geek.
  • Subscription to Authentic Employers’ Micro-Insights for 6 months:
    • Employer branding leadership edition newsletter for your leadership;
    • Content creation edition newsletter for your team.

Limited Availability

Since the workshop is being held by our very own IBB, there are only a handful of spots available each quarter for new workshop dates. Please contact us as soon as possible if you’re interested.